How to scale your site: Solve only 80% of your problem (Often this is not by choice)

Solve only 80% of a problem. That's usually good enough and you'll not only get done faster, you'll actually have a chance of getting done at all.

This strategy is given by Amix in HOW TWITTER (AND FACEBOOK) SOLVE PROBLEMS PARTIALLY. The idea is solving 100% of a complex problem can be so hard and so expensive that you'll end up wasting all your bullets on a problem that could have been satisfactoraly solved in a much simpler way.

If you solve your scaling issue 100%, then you might not be working on features or other important things enough. In a startup, you just can't freaking afford the time and effort.

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If you've solved your scaling issue 100%, that means your company/product is not growing anymore!
Brad, that's exactly what I think.
The best thing for a new startup is to have scalability problems at some point.
Which usually means increased traffic.