Finally, timezones in javascript done right

The world has been made a better place via this fine javascript library. Timezones have always been a bit of a tricky thing to handle. 

The author says:

You can’t have a named time zone in javascript (example : eastern time or central time), you can only have a time zone offset which is represented by universal time (UTC) minus the distance in minutes to it by callingdateVariable.getTimezoneOffset(). It means that if the time zone offset is -1 hours of UTC, javascript will give you 60. Why is it inverted in javascript? I have no idea.

In winter, it’s always standard time. In summer, it’s daylight saving time which is standard time minus 60 minutes… but not for every country. Plus, summer and winter are inverted in the southern hemisphere. That’s a lot of exceptions and that’s why I created the jsKata.timezone library.

Find it on github.

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Thanks for writing about it. Next step is creating a gem and/or plugin in rails to simplify timezone selection for users...
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