Mobile Safari and the iPad do not support contenteditable. So much for Rich Text Editing and TinyMCE

contenteditable is not supported in Safari on iPhone OS. If you're using contenteditable to enable text input within a styled element (for instance, <p contenteditable> or <div contentediable>), you can replace this styled element with a styled <textarea>. In Safari on iPad, iPhone, Mac OS X, and Windows, you can customize the appearance of <textarea> elements using CSS. If necessary, you can even disable any platform-specific, built-in styling on a <textarea> by specifying -webkit-appearance: none.

Surprising. You can't use rich text editors with your fancy iPad. So, SOL on that one. Seems like a glaring omission that I hope they rectify in iPhone OS 4.


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Like iPad, iPhone OS 4 doesn't support contentEditable, so no full html5 support.
#iphone Update: April 20 OS 4 beta 2 release is supporting it.
As of iOS 4.2.1, contentEditable is still not supported. I tried it, it highlight text with greyish background, but it did not launch the keyboard.
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