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FB Connect not working in IE? Fix your xd_receiver.html's HTML namespace extension

<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" 

Internet Explorer 7 is very finicky with its processing of custom tags.

If you're using Facebooker, it actually currently does NOT include this in the html tag of the xd_receiver.html -- so if you try to log into fbconnect using IE7 on an app with the default generated file, it will just fail with a white screen in the login window.

TRICKY. But Forums and Google Search to the rescue once again.

I'm trying to blog these little stumbling blocks back because it'll help Google reinforce the right links just a bit more. Programmer solidarity =)

Javascript super killer tip: Always use innerHTML if you have no JS lib and it has to work in IE.

Recently while writing some features for Posterous, I ran into a super simple but insanely annoying bug where IE fails to properly pick up id and name fields when creating new DOM elements in JavaScript using document.createElement().

Internet Explorer completely fails to add created DOM elements to the lookup table of named elements as targets. If you generate an iframe and want to POST to it from your programmatically generated FORM tag (by setting TARGET="your_new_element_name"), you're out of luck and IE will try to create a new window instead.

InnerHTML to the rescue. The abomination of standards that is innerHTML works pretty well across all browsers. John Resig is so right when he says the DOM is a mess. Thank god for things like jquery.