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God bless @scribd, they've released open source to solve that godawful Flash wmode z-indexing bug.

The dreaded problem that most web developers come across is the z-index issue with flash elements. When the wmode param is not set, or is set to window, flash elements will always be on top of your DOM content. No matter what kind of z-index voodoo you attempt, your content will never break through the flash. This is because flash, when in window mode, is actually rendered on a layer above all web content.

There is a lot of chatter about this issue, and the simple solution is to specify the wmode parameter to opaque or transparent. This works when you control and deliver the flash content yourself. However, this is not the case for flash ads.


So, to solve all this, I wrote some javascript that will dynamically add the correct wmode parameter. I call it FlashHeed. You can get it now on the GitHub repo.

It works reliably in all major browsers, and has no dependencies, so feel free to drop it into your Prototype or jQuery dependent website.


Developing Flash? Sick of the browser caching your newly published swf file? Turn off that cache.

Uncheck "Store common Flash components to reduce download times" in your Adobe Flash Player Settings Manager. I was getting sick of having to rename my flash swf file / try to reload my browser cache.

Strangely, the best way to get to the Flash Player Settings Manager is actually through the official Adobe website's help page, by clicking here.