Which acts_as_solr should I use? Mattmatt's acts_as_solr, naturally.

script/plugin install git://github.com/mattmatt/acts_as_solr.git

A note about the acts_as_solr codebase: it all started with an innocent hack that I posted to the solr-user list. It got picked up [editor 3/18/09: respectfully added a special mention of Thiago Jackiw] by Thiago and he turned it  into a serious general purpose ActiveRecord modeling plugin hosted at RubyForge, and now exists as numerous git repository forks. The currently best maintained version is Mathias Meyer’s branch.

Rails plugins have an incredibly short half-life. The creators of acts_as_solr, railsfreaks.com, seem to have disappeared. Luckily, open source can be picked up by new baton carriers.

Thanks mattmatt. You rock.